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State-of-the-Art Search
A State-of-the-Art Search is designed to provide a general idea of prior art in a particular area. It is essentially an information collecting method and can be as comprehensive or limited as needed. This category of searches is conducted for the purposes of resolving a definite quandary, discovering technology to license, and tracking the competition.

A State-of-the-Art Search is comparable to a collection search but for the difference that the searcher is allowed to select patents. This sort of search usually finds patents, including published patent applications, from the last 15-20 years.

A State-of-the-Art Search proves indispensable no matter what your portfolio. It gives assistance if you are involved in business planning or product programming. It also helps you plan your R&D initiatives when starting new businesses or developing new products/ processes.

The State-of-the-Art Search encompasses various other searches:

Collection Search:
Gathers a collection of patents in a given field. The patents are sorted and arranged in groups and are provided as files of gazettes or data sheets. Best suited for most conventional searches as it provides an easy means to gather and study patents. Depending on the invention a collection search can produce anywhere from 20 to 300 patents, but can be narrowed down by year restrictions, identifying specific inventors, and by adjusting the amount of detailed information on the invention.

Trend Search:
Provides comprehensive study of the inclination in a given field from a range of viewpoints like objects, construction, application, or else, of the invention, applicants and inventors, key dates: Filing date, publication date, date of grant, etc.

Statistical Search:
Makes it easier to understand different developments with the help of searches using statistical indexes such as classification, file indexes or file-forming terms, keywords, applicants, and key dates.

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